JUMBO Frames

I’ve install Jumbo Frames but when I go to Config it says its not available. I’m my drobo share is connected to Apple Airport Extreme router (802.11n)

Why would the droboapp not be available?

I’m having the same problem with WinXP and GBe hardwired connection. Maybe its the latest firmware (I just undated before I installed).

You mean it appears in Config as: “Jumbo Frames (Not Available)”?

It simply means that there is no additional setup for this app via the web gui. To make sure that Jumbo Frames is installed, ssh to droboshare and type “ifconfig”. The MTU for the “egiga0” interface should be 9004 instead of the default 1500.

Many thanks, I installed dropbear SSH, downloaded Putty, ran it in Vista compatibility mode under Windows 7 RC1 and got a shell (using root and giveit2me). Type ifconfig, and saw the 9004 MTU as you described.

many thanks.