Jumbo Frames

Wondering if there’s any way to enable Jumbo Frames on the Drobo Pro? I’d really like to get some extra speed out of the device. :slight_smile:

I know you can do it with the Elite and the FS, but, surely there’s a way for the Pro?

I think this question have been asked before already and I think the DroboPro does not suport jumbo frame. Drobo Elite and Drobo FS all came after the Drabo Pro, which is not a surprise why they supports it.

Correct, the Pro does not support Jumbo Frames.

That’s really too bad… I’m pretty sure just a software upgrade would solve that issue… Any chance on supporting Jumbo? Please?

The Pro doesn’t have the same processing power as the Elite. It’s also a marketing differentiator for Drobo between the Pro and Elite.

@DrDavid…don’t be so certain it’s just a firmware issue as some chipsets don’t support jumbo frames. For example, new current rev iMac i7’s uses a Broadcom chipset that doesn’t support jumbo frames. Mac minis, on the other hand, use a Broadcom chipset that does.

Which is exactly why the DroboPro should support jumbo frames. The chief benefit of jumbo frames is lower cpu utilization. Jumbo frames may not have higher throughput or lower latency, but it usually has lower cpu utilization.

For the Mac users out there that have systems that do support jumbo frames… notice that there are some models (late-2008 MBP’s for instance) that only support jumbo frames up to 8192byte (hardware limitation), not the “standard” 9000 bytes. If this is the case, the Network Settings control panel in OSX will indicate 9000, but the command line reveals this is not correct.

Thus the “default” setting of 9000 bytes used by the enabling scripts for the Drobo line will fail silently, reverting back to an autonegotiated ~4096byte mini-jumbo (if memory serves).

The solution is to edit the script and change 9000 to 8192 in this case, which maximizes the advantage of jumbo frames. For people that don’t care, it works just fine at ~4096.

Given the relative low speed of transfer compared to gigabit phy (at least on the DroboShare) I don’t really see jumbo frames as beneficial to begin with.

Wireshark provides proof, if needed.

@strydre, there is no way to set up Jumbo Frames on the Pro.

True, though the comments do I believe hold true for people using Drobo Elite, FS, and DroboShares with many Mac models.