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Open a beginning, the Huo eldest brother doesn’t be vigilant.An afternoon two days ago, he saw wheat seedling and just suddenly discovered that own ground is getting lesser and less.He silently one quantity, impending, unexpectedly little exactly two cent.Lookinging at boundary is there three of miscellaneous grass, the Huo eldest brother had been standing till a sky black.
It is mine to don’t grow, you dare Authentic Chicago Bulls Jersey - Michael Jordan Red Jersey,Derrick Rose Jersey Derrick Rose Jersey;Buy Chicago Bulls Jersey Sell Michael Jordan Red Jersey,Derrick Rose Jersey from the Chicago Bulls Jerseys Factory Store. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! to touch a , I give you the whole Huo again!Three children jilted words, Nian before the village staff went.
Three child, person, Gao Ma Da Dun, , , being that kind of can sell the dad the malicious role of Niang seller.His brother-in-law is a village master, year ago he shared in reflected glory on the village Celtics Jersey - Buy Authentic Kevin Garnett Jersey Authentic Boston Celtics basketball jerseysFind Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Jerseys, Paul Pierce Jersey, Rajon Rondo Jersey; to strive for a authentic black and gold lakers jersey sell dwight howard lakers jersey online Lakers Kobe Bryant Jersey dwight howard lakers jersey,lakers jersey steve nash,Lakers Kobe Bryant Jersey sale lakers jersey outlet work.Revealed in fact, that also calculated not and up what matter son.Urge a food to urge a style what of, he however is heel village master’s bottom, play power and prestige, start to pull to break throat to roar 2, frighten a person just.Heel village master’s bottom, he saw he as personal thing and had already no longer waited upon farm goods.At most, also just early in the morning a black arrive the farmland border district Cape lo lo.Lo his woman waits on to make how, the chemisette energy is limited, so, he pick to well grow, thin ground of run Huang.At present, he heel the village master accept style in the village highway back and walk to the village, let the Huo eldest brother was to live.
The plum tree gulf gets boundary with you that piece of, Be getting less, two cents!The Huo eldest brother depressed voice as far as possible.You don’t grow again, much regrettable!Return me!
Three children, I the ground Be getting less!Huo eldest brother crest a head of twilight, found out three children.
eldest brother’s seeming to be not is own and take care of not to live, old, act range still pretty big.
The village master doesn’t waits he to finish saying words, say,
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On the second day, the Huo eldest brother has early, he found out a village master.
The plum tree gulf has Huo eldest brother for an acre of three cents, ground, topmost face east a side, that penny to two, the this place is his, there is three child’s houses of, in the center the small ditch of a five fingers breadth.In times before, grow wheat, three children cross the border to dig one hoe and filled ditch, the new ditch moved one hoe here to the Huo eldest brother.Grow rape, three children are again follow convention.The ground of Huo eldest brother was encroached upon at 1.1:00 by three children.
Close me what matter?Once three children two eyes turn over and be like a fish of anoxia.
The Huo eldest brother goes home, didn’t fall asleep for a night.He the old companion became sick to die last year, the son divided inheritance, with woman double the double went out the part-time job have been already gone.Two daughters married and left far.Huo eldest brother a person makes a living with farm land, the food eats not to finish and sells and pour also lead next go.

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