Itunes library, and switch between network and direct-connect?

I keep my large itunes library on the drobo fs, and run itunes from my MBP at home, while the fs of course is connected to my router.

However, at our summer house we do not have a network, just 3G iphones/ipad (and use iphone tethering for the MBP). Is it possible to bring my FS with me, and still run itunes at our summer place, without an ethernet network? That is, occasionally hooking up the FS directly to the MBP? And if so, will the FS show up the same way as it shows up on the network at home, or would I have to change location of the library in itunes?

I would think that if you had a wireless access point, you could set up a small network and replicate what you have at home. Use all of your devices wirelessly, but hardwire the drobo fs into the WAP. I would then think you could use your iphone as a wifi device and tether that way.

Thanks! Previously I have had a 2nd gen Drobo at the summer house, and used an Airport express to be able to stream music wirelessly to a speaker system. I did not have to be on the internet, I just plugged in the APE with the speakers in the main house and kept the drobo + MBP in the guest house, choosing the APE from within iTunes. Then I could also use Remote in iphone/iPad to control iTunes.

To try and replicate this, should I hardwire the FS into the APE, or the MBP? ( btw, I don’t think I have set up a proper network this way, as the MBP airport utility prompts me from time to time to finish the set up… But it just works…)

You’ll just need to set the mac and your drobo up with a manual IP address, and run an ethernet cable between your mac and the drobo.

once that is done, it should work the same as if you were at home.


you could also wire the drobo into the express, then on the internet settings page, put the express in “off (bridge mode)”. You’ll probably have to give all 3 manual IPs.
then have the express create a network, and then have your laptop join that network.

for setting manual IPs on the express and the drobo, you’ll probably have more luck with an ethernet cable plugged directly into the device you’re trying to address.

Thanks, but does this mean I have to re-set back to auto ip address when I get back home and plug it in to my normal set up again?