itunes issue with droboshare network password

In the security tab of drobo dashboard I added a password for extra security, but when i go to add movies ( movie has been placed in the itunes directory and i ask it to add to library ), it stalls and crashes, Then when i reboot itunes i get this error…

removing the password from the drobo seems to have eliminated the issue, but i would prefer to have a password on it.

any thoughts / tips or tricks ?

Anyone ?

If you want to have granular security on your Drobo files, you need to disconnect it from the DroboShare and attach the Drobo directly to your Mac. You could then use normal Apple mechanisms to share the folders out read-only except for certain users, have different sets of permissions on different directories, etc. The DroboShare is all-or-nothing in this area, and doesn’t seem to offer what you need (i.e. you can write to the folder, but others see it with different access permissions).