iTunes hosting on drobo Fs

Is anyone using their Fs to host their iTunes library? I’m thinking of doing it in hopes that I’ll eventually figure out a way to hook up with it via DNLA and my iPhone. I’m just not sure how reliable a connection it is. Will I have to remount the drobo directories every time I want to use iTunes on my computer? I feel like the Fs is disconnected more than it’s connected sometimes. Just curious to see if anyone is currently using their Fs for iTunes media hosting.

Hi fuquam

Also looking for info on this along with video streaming to a xbox 360 from the FS. Have tried it with iTunes but when you go to access the iTunes listings on the Drobo it appears empty. Not sure where to get help as not a lot of info on line that I can find so far. If you hear anything please can you post here?


I managed to point iTunes to my music library without a problem but iTunes becomes unresponsive after adding files & I have to kill the process.