iTunes Folder shows 0KB and no files in it but data is on Drobo somewhere!!!

I have been saving my iTunes downloads to my ethernet connected Drobo No.1 Firmware V1.3.7( 4x2TB drives) via Drobo share Firmware v 1.1.2.

Drobo Dashboard shows 2.7TB used space and 2.66TB free space.

Until recently i could go into the Drobo icon on my desktop ( mac OSX 10.6.5) and it would display all folders with sizes etc. When i clicked on the folders it would show contents etc and i could copy files to and from as usual.

Suddenly for no apparent reason the iTunes folder is showing as 0KB and will not expand to show any folders within.

Other folders appear ok and sub-folders also show as usual. i have checked to see if the iTunes folder was moved but i cannot find any iTunes stuff only the “empty” folder!!!

The amount of data still shows the same on the Dashboard and the library path in iTunes still points to the folder on Drobo and the files play.

I am just worried that i am facing a problem that may cause the loss of over a $1000 worth of media.

Can anyone help me to bring the folder and files back in to view so that i can possibly copy them to another back up if need be.?

any help greatly appreciated.

Disk utility? Drive Genius?

Drobo is on local network via droboshare unit,

the drobo “drive” shows on desktop but not in disk utility so can’t check or repair it!!!

any ideas???

[quote=“subseeauk, post:3, topic:2013”]Drobo is on local network via droboshare unit,
the drobo “drive” shows on desktop but not in disk utility so can’t check or repair it!!!
any ideas???[/quote]
Connect the Drobo direct (USB or Firewire), and use Disk Warrior.


is there any chance this will delete or format the drives?
i know at the moment i cant see data but it is being read by itunes!!
what process do i use with this disk warrior program?


Hi all

Connected via usb and all data has appeared as normal.

Disk Warrior is $112 for me in UK, is it really worth that or will Mac Disk Utility work just as well to restore normallity?

What do i do with Disk Warrior if i do purchase it and will i be able to just plug the drobo back onto drobo share unit etc and be back to normal again?

thanks for the input and advice


Well, if Disk Warrior fails, it does not smell good since it is the best disk utility around there.
Since apparently your data now appears in the Finder, I would make a full copy of your critical data to some other support and then reformat the Drobo.
Of course, there is the small problem of finding 3TB of spare storage…

As most of us, you bought a Drobo expecting “total protection”, and discovered the hard way it does not guarantee that at all. Actually, the complexity of the “Beyond RAID” algorithm and poor DRI software quality control may create new problems you would not have with classical mirrored disks.
Welcome to the club… :frowning:

I have found another problem ( posted this on a new thread to see if anyone else has had this rather than just the dissapearing file issue ).
Whilst i can see the file if connected and will try backing up to an external hard drive the Drobo seems to loose the data conection after a while so i dont think it will complete copying the 2.7TB before dropping off !!!
I have sent a support ticket to Drobo to see what they say as it seems to be a hardware issue now that maybe is causing corrupted PLIST files for the iTunes files and folder structure & location etc.
The Drobo is only 9 months old so should be under warrantee.(hopefully)
As long as the drives can be put in a new unit without loss i would be happy-ish with that result !!