iTunes 10 Seems To Have Killed FireFly On Drobo FS

iTunes 10 Update Seems To Have Killed FireFly On Drobo FS

Has anyone experienced this?

Kind thanks

Yeah same here.
Have been looking into a version of forked-daapd for the Drobo, but no luck yet.

If anyone has another suggestion of a good iTunes server I’d love to hear it. Would be perfect if I could use the iPhone “Remote” app and AirTunes to stream as well…

I downgraded to 9.2…

All is well now.

I also cannot login to config my Firefly server…

Since you can set the location of media in iTunes settings I’d like to know what the advantage of using Firefly is?

Hope you don’t mind me posting in this thread.

This guy came up with a patch: Looks like a hack to me though.

Where can I grab the sources for the firefly drobo-app? I’d love to try this out.

It would be neat if the person(s) who made the firefly package for DroboApps would recompile a newer version and let us test that to see if it works. I have no idea how to recompile for the drobo…

The source code is here:[hr]

But it appears that the patch is based on a different version of mt-daapd unfortunately…

did they fix firefly to work with Itunes 10 or do I have to download Itunes 9? Can someone post a video on how to set up firefly and use it? Maybe a “review” of the app in specific regards to DroboFS?