Issues with the site's certificate chain (net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID)

Hi folks,

I got Drobo Access up and running on my 5N but when I try to login from any browser using [subdomain] I’m getting the above error with an X next to the https in the address bar of the browser (see image).

If you can’t see the image view it here:

Anyone know how to fix the SSL cert name to match the domain name or how to install a new cert with the right name?


There was an update of myDrobo released recently ( to address that problem. I recommend you upgrade and check if the problem persists. If that is the case, try to re-register the domain. That should force the generation of the correct certificate.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the suggestion. I went into myDrobo app under Status and Actions I see there is an update. I clicked it now the update button is no longer available. However, when I click “about” it shows About myDrobo so I assume the update was successful.

However, when I go to [my_subdomain] I still see a browser message that says: There is a problem with this website’s security certificate. I have to click the “Continue to the site (not recommended)” link to get to mydrobo. When there I still see the Certificate Error. It’s issued to: Drobo_5N and not I believe that is the issue. Should I install a new certificate or is there a known fix?

Thank you.

Can you please try to deregister the app, and then register it again? You can find the “Deregister URL” menu item when clicking the app’s tab on the left, and then clicking “App Settings”.