Issues With Mavericks 10.9 - iSCSI connection

Since upgrading to Mavericks, I am having issues with my DroboPro un-mounting itself and the entire computer freezing when copying large batches of data (50+GB) to or from the unit. I am connected directly to the computer via iSCSI. I am curious if anyone else is seeing odd behavior under Mac OS 10.9? Everything was working well in 10.8.


Mine’s not mounting at all.

(just out of curiosity, do you know if there is a safe way to downgrade from mavericks?)
some windows upgrades were install only, i think one of the internet explorers, and there was no uninstall option, but just wondering about mavericks.

question only :slight_smile:

I contacted support who suggested connecting the 'pro via USB (so it could find itself), then shutting the unit down and reconnecting via iSCSI. It didn’t work. I am connected successfully but slowly via FW800 right now. I am curious if this is affecting all iSCSI Drobo connections, or just the Drobo Pro?

Any updates on iscsi and the drobo pro. I am scared to update until i get a sense if this is going to work

I’ve had similar issues & downgraded via a backup.

See also:

Would love to know if Drobo, Inc. will be updating the ATTO based iSCSI initator.

The last DroboDashboard (2.5.2) was released in May 2013.

No official word from Drobo?

Do they even read these forums anymore.

I want to know if i can upgrade my mac to mavericks and keep using my drobo pro via iSCSI.

[quote=“General_Custer, post:7, topic:135476”]
No official word from Drobo?[/quote]
Their official word is “yes.”

It doesn’t say whether it works via iSCSI, USB or Firewire. Its very vague.

I asked specifically about iSCSI

hi general,

i saw your earlier post above, and there is nothing wrong with your statement about wanting to be able to continue using your drobo. i also will always want to be able to continue using any of my 3 drobo’s, on as many computers as possible in the future (as long as any older models are still in working order)

the tricky part of that, is when:
a) there is a dependancy on a 3rd party (eg apple) to support, and adequately test and work with manufacturers.
b) there is a dependancy on the manufacturer (drobo) (to develop support for o/s features/quirks, and to obtain the necessary info from the 3rd party)
& c) our dependency, (as end users) for both of the above.

i hope that it’s just a case of “things taking time” to iron out these nigglies, but unfortunately, i also think that if an O’S maker, fundamentally changes an operating system, or removes certain features that other products depended on, then there is not a lot that manufacturers can do to immediately rectify a situation.

i do hope that a drobo rep will see this thread and to try and update this thread / that faq page to answer your quesiton in more detail.

in the meantime, i think it should be a best practice of “drobo business continuity” to even suggest that people disable auto o’s updates (both to drobo firmware / software, & major OS updates) in order to ensure that users are more in control over which updates are installed, and can have a fuller understanding of the pros & cons of each update before choosing to install it or not.

(it might already be on that best practice thread at the bottom of bhiga’s post)

(since some other users are including quotes on their posts, then 2 spring to mind:
“if it aint broke, dont fix it” - common one
one i learned
“sometimes, the enemy of good, is better”

I’ve seen some issues using iSCSI on 10.9 as well, but uninstalling Dashboard using the uninstall app (then deleting all the files and rebooting), then installing Java, then re-installing Dashboard seemed to fix it.

Here’s the location of the uninstall app:

And the version of Java I used:

Hope this helps you guys.

Will be checking this out tonight, thanks for the tip!

Keep us updated

Unfortunately this did not seem to fix it for me. In fact I have a new problem, the newly reinstalled Drobo Dashboard gives me this error as soon as I open it:

I am actually planning on doing an erase and re-install on my iMac for unrelated reasons (lost my recovery partition on my Fusion drive due to using Boot Camp and I want it back). Since it will have to pull OSX from the cloud I’m wondering if I’ll get 10.8 or 10.9. Maybe this will help my Drobo issues indirectly.

Huh. Well, if you erase and start over, hopefully that resolves it.

As for that error, if you open the Dashboard service, the Dashboard GUI would likely open normally. You should be able to open the service in Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Data Robotics > Drobo Dashboard > DDService64d.

Sometimes it’s just a corrupt install causing this and another reinstall would take care of it, or some security program may be blocking that DDService64d from starting or it may be disabled during the system startup, etc.

i also have seen that error message on windows 7 and a drobo-s, usually if i forget to start the service (or if i have a firewall lock in place)

Good news everyone! After launching DDService64d (then quitting the two instances of Dashboard that I had running, then starting it again) Drobo Dashboard is working properly again! And to top it off, it connected and mounted using iSCSI! Thank you guys very much for the help!

this sounds promising…
maybe the same process can help other users too.

(am not sure if a mac uses similar permission accounts like windows and ntfs, but maybe the mavericks update changes permissions on some of the existing drobo files, effectively removing them, and that a reinstall in the above way re-applies them etc, but either way, its good that you got it sorted, and via the boards too) :slight_smile:

I was able to get mine running on Mavericks via iSCSI on a mac mini!