Issues with Drobo or Drivepack?

Hey Folks,

For a bit now I’ve noticed a strange issue while using my Drobo 4 bay unit
here’s a simple list of the setup and issues

a little history
-When these issues started, i was using a used drobo that i got from a friend, it worked fine except for one drive was very iffy and so I used with only three drives, when the issues started i replaced the unit and used the same 3 drives and the issues continued.

-4 bay unit using 3 x 3tb Western digital red drives
-finding that in some cases folders appear but the files inside are not there until the unit or the computer is rebooted
-transferring files, searches or accessing folders is slow and in the most cases crashes explorer OR without any messages, warnings or visual indications, windows plays the device disconnect sound then immediately plays the connected sounds and pops open the autoplay window for my drobo.

-so far I’ve reformatted the OS, replaced the whole Drobo unit (as mentioned above)
Chkdsk doesn’t show any issues and when I have the Dashboard running it says everything is green.

options I’m considering

-buy a 4th red drive and add it to the pack.
-Maybe my PC hardware is starting to show it’s use after 4 years is wearing it down.

any input would be awesome! Need any addition info just ask :smiley:

Thanks fellow Drobo users!

I’m kinda new myself, but it sounds like the three drives are “iffy.”

If you felt like spending about $90 I’d say buy a copy of Spinrite from (I did) and run spinrite against each drive for maintenance. You would have to remove the drive from the drobo and use a computer to run Spinrite against the drive. It works at the 1 and 0 level and has its own DOS environment, so the PC OS is bypassed entirely. You can even run it against DVR disks and thumb drives.

As you can tell I really like Spinrite. Sorry I don’t know anything better to suggest.