iSCSI support in 10.6 (32 vs 64bit)


Just read this from the link in Drobo’s latest tweet. Is there any idea when the update containing 64bit mode iSCSI support will be coming? My DroboPro is connected via my network and on the other side of the house. If it’s going to be a few months, I might just hold off on 10.6. Or does running in 32bit mode still provide a good performance boost over 10.5 (in which case maybe I will upgrade…) Decisions decisions…

Upgrading to 10.6 and leaving it in 32-bit mode will still give you speed benefits. The technical aspects of it I have jotted down on my blog: http://www.bram.us/2009/08/31/32-64-bit-snow-leopard/


Jeff in Tech Support told me that they were working on a new Dashboard that will run in 64-bit mode. I also understand that they are trying to install it as a daemon, to get away from having to run it in order to get DroboPro to work. There is no ETA, however.