iSCSI Performance Bursts

We would like to acknowledge that a very small set of our customers have recently reported this issue. At this point in time it is unclear whether this issue is caused by Drobo or if this issue is caused by the host. We are continuing to investigate. In either case we will be taking the necessary steps to address this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks, Jennifer, and DRI.

Now we know that someone is listening, and taking action.

As many of us who are in the business of product development know, getting to the bottom of weird performance problems and other difficult-to-replicate problems can be very trying – for the users, tech support, and the engineers.

As you say, it certainly isn’t clear whether the problem is with the DroboPro, or with the host OS, although the fact that problems have been reported with both the Mac and Windows tends to narrow down the issue to the DroboPro, or perhaps the iSCSI protocol itself.

I have confidence that DRI will eventually solve the problem. All that I ask is that you keep us informed as to the progress that the engineers are making, and any problems encountered. Certainly most of us would be more than happy to run test cases, submit diagnostics, or whatever else might be required to help resolve this problem, even if means signing an NDA and evaluating beta-level solutions.

PLEASE, just let us know what we can do to help.

Amen to that.

I want to make one thing VERY clear here, Jennifer. From the start I have reported this issue to support and provided A LOT of data, the problem IS NOT AN ISCSI one. I have the EXACTLY same problem with FIREWIRE, absolutely no change.

So the problem for me is in the Drobo not the protocol, prove me wrong.

Anyway, happy to read your acknowledgment finally after this long silence, the thread was exploding so no way around it :wink:

Great! now after i made a windows home server & put the DroboPro up for sale grrrrrrrrrrr.

oh well, better late then never & once again thank you for finally acknowleging the problem.

Yes agreed. This is not an iSCSI issue as I can duplicate with multiple units via multiple connection protocols across multiple machine architectures. Support knows all of this.

I’m glad there’s some confirmation on the forums here that there is a problem at the very least.

Sadly not exactally apples to apples…

WHS is a very slick solution unless you were just looking for storage…

I know bro, but i need a quick solution & couldnt find a better one than that, also im using the latest gigabyte board (790FX by AMD) & that support Dual Gigabit lan with Load balancing over the two.

Not to put down the drobo - but it might be a better solution in some cases…

Some of the posters above are flaming asses – Jennifer in other posts asked for folks to open support cases. No one did, saying posting here should be good enough. So, without any tangible proof of customer dissatisfaction (ie open support cases), DR after some delay posts about the problem. The result, more flaming ass posts (except SB) pile on with criticism.

Dudes, if you want support, did simple, obvious things like contacting the vendor. The footer at the bottom of each page says this forum is for information exchange, not support from the company.

This company isn’t perfect, but if you don’t follow their suggestions about how to prioritize their engineering staff – well, who needs to act differently.


There shouldnt be any problems from the start when you pay that kind of money for a product, but in this case it seems the clients (thats us) are being used as BETA testers, & im sure many “DID” open support cases, i didnt but at least after all these pages & posts of problems someone had to come forth & mention that they are working on a fix.

In my case its too f… late now since i already sold the darn thing at a freakin loss so STFU.

switcher, no comment.

switcher is right about support cases. Opening cases is the best way to ensure that problems that many people can repeat are not treated as isolated incidents. Thanks Jennifer for your post.

However, switcher, there are a few things I don’t get:
[]Why would Data Robotics want to own and moderate this forum and restrict its membership to paying customers if they don’t want to react to the feedback provided here and repeated by numerous people? Don’t tell me it’s “against their policy” - it is 2010 soon.
]Why are customers not happy with the product not allowed to express their frustration here? There are a lot of questions and few answers.
[]Who gave you the rights to moderate the discussion in this forum, with that tone of voice you’re using?
]Where exactly in this thread is the flaming you complain about (not counting your post)?
People did open support cases. I opened three. Where did you get the information that nobody did?

“Who needs to act differently”, you ask. Well, I’m the paying customer, so don’t look at me.

I will also agree - and working in an industry where support requests get lost all the time - without customers following the simple rules and just expecting service via whatever channel they want - unknown and or unwanted results can occur.

Fill out the form - then come here and ask if others are having hte same issues… heck even referance it in your service ticket.

Then if you get no reply - call them…

Then come here and complain…

We all hate when we spend good money on something and it does not work as expected… the fact that DRI even responds or has a forum is a clue they are trying to care…

I think many do not understand the overwhelming job support can be - especially when you are supporting mutiple platforms.

@naser, Sorry your intemperate actions lead you to sell at a loss. You didn’t even try to get help before you bailed out.

@per, you are raising lots of extraneous issues, off topic from what I posted. My point is this: follow the rules for submitting cases to get support. For better or worse, this isn’t the place.