iSCSI on PowerPC G4 Mac Mini

I have a mac mini which I was intending to use with my DroboElite. However, after I installed the drobodashboard, etc… the DD won’t “see” the drobo. I tried to reinstall, and that didn’t fix it. I also tried to install a slightly older (1.6.8) version of the DD, with no success…

So, any ideas on how to get my mac mini to see my drobo over iscsi?



iSCSI does not work on Power PC.

Your Knowledge base disagrees with you:


I’m running 10.5, so, why doesn’t it work? :frowning:


The KB says “DroboPro” and not “DroboElite” and so wouldn’t apply to you. Now why it works with the Pro and not the Elite I’ll let Jennifer explain. Best guess I can come up with is that the Elite has a different Ethernet chip set and thus a different iSCSI driver is used that doesn’t work on the G4 or G5 Macs.