iSCSI, moving dashboard from one PC to another

I have been playing with my new dorbopro while connected to my LAN and the dashboard installed on my workstation.

Now that I have a reasonable understanding of what the drobopro can and can’t do, and what it does well and not so well, I am ready to move the storage to my W2K8 R2 server.

What happens if I install the dashboard on the second machine while the first dashboard is still running?

If I uninstall the dashboard from the old machine, then install it on the new machine, will it automatically find the drobopro and provision the storage?

What are the recommended steps of moving the provisioned iSCSI storage between machines?


When you say you have it connected to your LAN, what exactly do you have the Pro connected to?
A server?
A switch?

The drobopro, and server, and workstation are connected to the same gigabit switch.
Eventually the server will use a dedicated direct connect to the drobopro, but for now the drobopro will stay on the switch.

I got to enjoy Kernel Panics on my Mac when I had used 2 copies of dashboard (not at once, just installed on 2 Macs). Good times. I eventually had to delete the dashboard from my laptop, to keep Drobo happy on our main machine, although when I shut that down, if my laptop is on the network, it mounts onto my laptop automatically - without even dashboard being there.
Of course this is on Macs but the issues are probably cross platform.

I have Dashboard on 2 Macs. I can “move” the DroboPro between machines by powering down one Mac. When this happens the Dashboard on the other Mac finds and mounts the DroboPro. I puzzled this together, but its not worth doing - its a manual process, and, more importantly, the perforance gain from direct mounting vs sharing via afp is only about 10MB/sec. 65MB/sec when mounted vs 55MB/sec when shared via afp.

If both macs are on, and you start the drobo pro, how do you select which one it connects to with iSCSI when all are connected by a switch on the same network?


See my post here about using a different subnet for the DroboPro

This works well for when you have DroboDashboard installed on multiple computers but need to ensure the DroboPro is only seen by one of them.