iSCSI LUNs - ESXi and Windows

I have a DroboPro on a GigE network dedicated for storage only. I currently have three LUNs on the DroboPro, which are used by our ESXi servers.

I would like to create a new LUN and connect to it with a Windows Server 2003 machine via iSCSI. I will format the new LUN as NTFS.

I know that Windows and ESXi machines should not try to use the same LUN, so I just want to make sure that this is possible without any data corruption? Should I implement LUN masking on the ESXi boxes so that they do not try to access the new NTFS LUN?

If you have a Drobopro then it’s a single host only - either ESX or Windows, not both. If you want both, you’ll need an Elite.

How can you even create different LUNs on a DroboPro?

Just create another volume on the Drobo. If you have iSCSI enabled, it will show up as a LUN from ESXi.

That’s cool, I didn’t know that. One more thing to play around with. Thank you :slight_smile: