iscsi help


I tried following the instructions for connecting a drobopro to a switch and have not been able to succeed. I have the drobopro plugged to the switch, my computer (running drobo dashboard) connected to the switch. Nothing happens! The switch/drobopro activity lights are on so it’s certainly not a connection issue. It is some type of windows 7 issue.

What confuses me further is that it works if I connect an Ethernet cable from drobopro to computer. But, once the switch is added, no such luck. According to the guide, there’s nothing amiss, so I ask the community as a last ditch effort.

I checked the iscsi initiator settings in windows, and it is set to be looking for the ip address set in drobo dashboard.

Any ideas are welcomed. Thank you.

I was able to successful connect using my laptop. I do not understand why I cannot do the exact same thing with my desktop. Clearly, there must be something different but I cannot determine what. I don’t think it’s a firewall as I tried disabling it and it didn’t work. I compared settings from the laptop to desktop and found nothing different in the iscsi initiator.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issues with Drobo Pro. Connected via Ethernet via DHCP to Server01 it works, connected via USB to Server01 it works. Setting manual IP, I can ping the Drobo (connected to the switch after reboot of Drobo), but it never fully comes up with the lights on the front.

I even tried to discover in dashboard by typing the IP, and it just keep spinning, looking for it.

Have others successfully got this model connected via static IP to a switch?