iSCSI DHCP Weirdness

Hi all,

So I patched up my server the other day, rebooted it, and in the process my DP went offline.

After much fiddling tonight, I think I’ve got it to stay up, and here’s what I have seen…

Somehow, my Intel Dual ET NIC was getting assigned a new IP address from my DP, overriding the static IP I had set long ago. On reboot, this confused things, and subsequently there was no iSCSI connection, and my DP shut itself down, not seeing any connection to it.

What I ended up doing was changing the DP’s network setting to Automatic, and set my NIC to DHCP, and it now appears to be happy, but I won’t know for sure for at least a few days of no shut downs.

Has anyone else had issues working with static IP addresses in a direct attached setup?

No issue whatsoever, especially using static IP addresses w/ the DP, DE and D800i. Looks like the problem is ur dual-port NIC. Both legs assigned the same subnet?