iSCSI - annoyance

When I got my Drobopro I installed the Dashboard App on my Mac for the initial setup.

I’ve since built an ESX server with a Windows 2003 server, and am using that as my file server.

The issue is - if I reboot the Windows server while my Mac is also on the network, my mac picks up the iSCSI connection and the Windows server boots up with no drive and loses all of it’s shares I’ve setup.

I’ve removed the Dashboard off my Mac, and it STILL connects to the Drobo during the Windows Server reboot.

There are a number issues here - not just the fact that I have removed the Dashboard and still seem to have the iSCSI initiator on my Mac, but that I cannot configure the Drobo to only connect to a pre-configured host.

Frustrating is an understatement.

How did you remove Dashboard from your Mac?

As per apples standard method of app removal. I moved it to my trash and emptied my trash. This is the well documented apple standard.

I’m assuming that you’ve asked how I removed it as there is something non standard that needs to be done?

Yes, that does not uninstall dashboard from a mac.

Please follow the directions on this link.


@snapper - just dragging the app to the Trash doesn’t work. Why? It installs a kext, kernel extension, which is stored somewhere in Library/Applicaction Support/other-stuff-i-dont-remember-and-am-not-motiviated-to-go-figure-out. There is a script buried in /Library/Appliation Support/Data Robotics/Dashboard… run this and it will delete everything Drobo installed.

Thanks Switcher and Jennifer - much appreciated :slight_smile:

The uninstaller has not worked - reboot my server and the mac still connects to the Drobo.

Any Drobo folders left in your applications or library?

Further to this - with NO other devices on my network, the Drobo is still too slow connecting to my server - so all of my shares are destroyed. Every time I reboot the server, I have to wait for over a minute at times for the drobo to connect. (It now has a dedicated 1GB network card for the drobo). By the time it’s connected, all my shares have failed to create.

This is really annoying!