iSCSI and Mountain Lion Xtend SAN

Just upgraded to Mountain Lion and cant get my DroboPro to connect with iSCSI (Dashboard 2.2.1)

DroboPro works fine on a FW800 connection

Can anyone help?
I also have the ATTO Xtend SAN connector but need the authentication details - has anyone had any success using Xtend SAN 3.4 with the DroboPro

EDIT… Got the Xtend SAN working fine but still no joy with dashboard as a connector

Downloading Java will probably fix it. It did mine.

Thanks - yes that was an original problem but still there after downloading java :frowning:

3rd or 4th restart after de-installing Xtend SAN and we have lift off

Folder art isn’t working but think that is likely a Mountain Lion issue