Is this possible

Is it possible to install soap::lite perl mod on Drobo unit with Apache software and Perl software installed. I want to create a ‘web service’ like setup where I can query file and directory information on the drobo unit from wherever I want using.

I might be wrong, but I think you need a compiler to generate the soap::lite modules. Since the Drobos do not ship with a compiler, I don’t think you’ll be able to install that.

Edit: You might be able to include the module if you create your own version of Perl, though. That means cross-compiling it in another machine.

The Drobo runs Linux so I’d say theres a 99.9999% chance everything was compiled with GCC. You don’t have to create your own perl version, thats stupid. Just link it against the libs in version that’s already available.

Like I said, this would only be possible if there was a compiler (GCC) on the FS. Since there is none, you either have to cross-compile GCC first, then compile the modules on the FS directly, or do like it was done for both the official version of Perl for the FS and the version at DroboPorts: cross-compile it.