is this a normal transfer rate?

i’ve had a drobo for about 6 months now… and i know they arent the fastest solution out there. i just got a new computer a 27in mac. i plugged in my drobo through the firewire 800 port and i’m trying to transfer 192 gigs of music, pictures and data from the drobo to the mac. its transferred 42 gigs in 10 hours… the little progress bar says its going to take 62 hours to transfer the rest of the data… that just doesnt seem right to me…

i’ve been using it for months as backup… it transfers at night… and usually fairly small amounts of data… its always been ridiculously slow… but i’ve never really needed anything off of it so it hasnt been a problem… but if this is the kind of transfer rates i can expect when i DO its really of no use to me.

any suggestions? is 42 gigs in 10 hours a normal transfer rate or speed to expect?

thank you

Defintely dump it if you’ll be frequently moving that much data.

Mine is slow, but not that slow. The other day, I transferred about 15GB in about 10 minutes or so. So I don’t know-maybe open a support case? Did you remove or add a drive just before beginning the transfer?

42 GB/10 hr = ~7 MB /min = 0.1167 MB/sec.

That’s EXTREMELY slow. Is your Drobo 95% or more full? There’s a forced write throttle that kicks in at 95% capacity (to warn you that you need to add capacity, in the event that lights or Drobo Dashboar don’t tell you).

Are you copying many many very small files compared to a few very large files? The former scenario can be an order of magnitude slower. I’m guessing there is a big overhead for starting and stopping a copy process for each individual file.

I write at about 20-25MB/sec over gigabit to my DroboPro, 8 drives, 70% full. That’s still pathetic for a RAID array but if you’re getting any slower something must be wrong?

I would say, get the log file and send it to Data Robotic. I’m betting you have backplane errors and this Drobo could be close to DOA. It either that or you have a BAD Hard Drive in the unit. Put the logs should show this, I would hope so at least.