Is there still a 2TB limit to filesystems shared using Airport Extreme/Time Capsule?

I see some posts/FAQS/etc. that state that the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule disk sharing has a limit of 2 TB filesystems. But these were all dated some time ago. Is this still the case? I have a 1 TB Time Capsule which I’d like to hook my Drobo up to (which is formatted as a single 16 TB HFS+ NON-journaled filesystem). It has the latest version of Apple’s Airport firmware installed.

I connect mine from time to time to a TC, works fine, it’s formatted to 16TB as well.
I get 13-16MB/s when reading and 10-13 when writing.
There is of course the limitation of the Drobo Dashboard, which simply doesn’t work when Drobo is connected as a NAS without the Droboshare.

PS. The speeds are of course wired, wireless is about half that.

That’s not a limitation of the Drobo Dashboard that it can’t see/manage Drobo connected to AE/TC. Its an Apple limitation!

The AE/TC is a closed platform and 3rd parties can’t run software on it. You know, 3rd party software like that which would allow seeing the Drobo on an AE/TC as if it were connected to a DroboShare.