Is there an update for Dashboard to install on Catalina?

I have a Drobo 5n and I’m looking to upgrade my Mac OS to Catalina. I was told that Dashboard has a problem with Catalina. Is this true?

No, the Drobo 5n does work with Catalina. You should be using Drobo Dashboard v3.5.0:

Valorie, got it. All works fine. Thanks for your help.

Yes-- it is true. Drobo Dashboard does not work consistently with DAS style Drobo. Directly connected Drobo models tend not to be recognized intermittently, or not at all.

Ensure you are on the latest firmware and dashboard, this can be found here:

Run Disk Utility > First Aid or chkdsk on Drobo (Mac/windows) to check for permission errors.

Been down that path. No permissions errors. Reinstalled the software. Have the latest Drobo.

And, of course, I can’t check the Drobo’s firmware because Drobo Dashboard never sees the Drobo.

Dashboard does not recognize the Drobo on USB or Thunderbolt? For troubleshooting purposes we would recommend connecting USB. Assuming the Drive bay lights are Green:

  • If you are using ANTI-VIRUS program or 3rd party firewall, disable. This could be blocking Dashboard service.
  • If on Mac, check System Preferences > General, ensure App store and identified developers - is checked. If there is an ALLOW button in here, click this.
  • Try connecting using a different interface type if your Drobo supports (such as USB or Thunderbolt).
  • If connected via USB through a USB hub, try connecting directly to the computer without the USB hub.
  • If using daisy chain configuration on Thunderbolt or Firewire, try directly connecting the Drobo to the computer.

I did the latest update for catalina and now I cant do anything with it. Im using catalina 10.15.7

Yes, use Drobo Dashboard v3.5.0 or 3.5.1: