Is there a way of starting the Drobo with Apps off?

I have the same issue described in this thread

(apols for moving here, but that thread was for legacy machines…)

The lights on the DroboN5 all look as they should be, but i cannot access it, either via network, or directly connected to my Mac.

The Dashboard ‘sees’ my Drobo and reliably reports in that all is ok and gives me the lovely green image of all my healthy disc. However, when i go to or (for example) it is slow to respond and eventually comes back with the message

“Almost There…Your Drobo is in the final stage of starting up. This will only take a few more seconds.”


But it stays like that indefinitely.

My Question is: is there a way of starting the Drobo with Apps off? I have a hunch that the problem is in there somewhere, having installed Plex there a few days before this all started.

I also have a SSD in the Hot Data Cache, and wonder would it be worth restarting with this removed (would Apps be running from here, for example)

thanks all in advance[hr]
i can also make the 5N lights flash via the Dashboard control…[hr]
also, the dashboard, despite the message is now offering me to update to Firmware: 3.2.3.
Would anybody think this was a good idea?

hi have you tried to shutdown all, and then to power up the drobo (without being attached to the computer or network in any way)?

and then once the drobo powers up and boots (does it show all green lights and the correct blue capacity leds? how much is filled up. (does it then go into standby mode)?

if it gets past that point, what happens if you now boot up the computer and then once computer is all up and running, to connect it up to the computer?

Yes, done all that and all looks well, but no proper mount…

ok thanks,
do you know if it is making drive chatter? (im not sure about the plex app, but maybe the first time it runs, it tries to self index all the media it finds, to build up your database catalogue?)

if that is the case, then maybe some other plex users will be able to post back to confirm if this type of behaviour is a one time thing, but if not, i remember seeing another post recently about another drobo that got stuck in the booting up stage (but i think its still being looked into)