Is there a mouse in my DroboPro?

So, my DroboPro sits below my Mini a few feet away.

Lately I have been hearing this squeeking noise. For a while, I thought it was a mouse. But it seems as if the noise is coming from the Drobo.

It could be the hard drives, just wondering if any else has experienced something similar.

haha. i hate to suggest it… but are you sure it’s not a small mouse?

in all seriousness its probably one of drobos fans… however…

as you will notice from my avatar, i keep reptiles… most domesticed reptiles eat crickets:

very often one or two will “escape” at feeding time - but i’ll just catch it later (when it make the mistake of walking across the lounge) and then chuck it in with the dragons and thats the end of him.

sometimes… if i don’t manage to recapture them… the cricket like to go places warm and dark… i.e. inside electronics…

inside my subwoofer is a particular favourite. and they sit in there "chirrup"ing until it drives me mad

so do check for mice, but its probably a fan!

Also to test if it’s the drives or the fan, boot up your drobo without the drives. See if you hear the same sound.

It’s most likely a drive going bad.