Is the file system relevant with iSCSI

I had my DroboPro connected to my Mac using Firewire 800 and formatted as HFS+. I am now planning on moving it to the PC using iSCSI. Windows does not support HFS+ without additional software but is that relevant if the DroboPro is connected using iSCSI?

No, it still wont work

Hmm- that sucks. Any recommendation on which FileSystem driver to use? I tried Paragon but it didn’t read all my directories properly- especially the ones with large files

Here is what I have done for anyone in a somewhat similar situation:

I created a new 16TB volume on Drobo and formatted it as NTFS. Then using my Mac and NTFS3G, I’m moving data from the HFS+ Formatted Volume to the NTFS formatted volume. Considering that I have well over 3TB of data, this will definitely take a day or two to complete.

I am expecting that as the data is moved, the amount of free space on Drobo will remain exactly what it has been and once all the data is moved, I will simply delete the HFS+ volume. Lets hope it goes according to expectations :slight_smile: