Is the Drobo Dashboard now being updated by new developers?

It seems pretty obvious that a bunch of us are having issues with the basic functions of DroboDashboard such as:

  1. Automatic Updates is broken for everyone
  2. Manual Updates frequently fails - finally got 1.3.3 to take with both older and current versions (took 10 plus tries), now can’t get 1.3.4 to take (using control key as directed) with current dashboard version
  3. Partition info
  4. USB issue

Is this the result of new developers working with software they didn’t develop? I have been considering adding the Drobo Pro and can’t help but think it’s not the time to upgrade until the dashboard software is stable again.

Auto update doesn’t work at all and has never worked for me so that isnt new.

Auto updates is not broken.

The firmware posted on the website is not an auto update.
That is why auto update is not seeing that firmware.

It is a manual update. Thus the reason for the posting of directions on how to do a manual update.

I’m just curious. Why isn’t it an auto-update?