Is support always this slow, or am i being naive?

Hi everyone and sorry for my first post to be a negative one.

Is it usual for support to be trying to sort out a problem with “mount failed error” for over 5 weeks? If it is, due to being complicated, then i will sit back and wait but with days between communication i feel like i am being put on the “not important” pile.

Also, with the error and support experience, would i be wise to replace Drobo with a more expensive system? My files are vital to my business as backup but also as a share facility without using servers.

I am only a small business (photographer) with few given access to the files stored but used 24\7.
Any help much appreciated.

Personally i would advise to switch to synology.

Drobo is great, but sometimes its too simple, if something goes wrong, pretty much the only solution seems to be “reset and restore from backup”.

Due to the nature of the device, if something goes horribly wrong, Synology support can actually log into your Synology box remotely and run command line tools, and twice they have fixed issues for me this way. Also, Synology stores files in a standard Linux software RAID. so if all else fails, anyone can simply remove the disks and attach them to a computer. so data recovery would be much easier if all else fails.

Thank you Docchris, i will look into your recommendation as confidence in Drobo has taken a beating so far.

I was surprised support didn’t want to log into my system and run some routines as the data has been proved to be intact but the 5N still will not mount. Surely it can only be a firmware issue or of course hardware, which they will replace under the warranty.

Any advise from members on more reliable backups\sharing of large files would be appreciated and of course if you feel i am just unlucky that my 5N has let me down, i am willing to listen.