Is Spinpoint M9T / 2To / 9.5mm Compatible ?


Is this drive compatible with the mini ?

Seagate (Samsung) Spinpoint M9T 2000 Go / 2To @ 2,5" / 9,5mm height / ST2000LM003


Also if I get 4 of these will the mini support RAID 5, thus getting me a near 6GB Volume ?

My Goal is to get the most space possible wich some security, speed is not so important (movie streaming on the go)

For those who are interested by this drive (ref : ST2000LM003) wich is very difficult to find alone at a descent price, you can buy the external drive Seagate STDR2000200 (about 110€ on Amazon) and remove the enclosure as exposed here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBvLHwHX60s

Thanks for your answers

Hmmm - 9.5mm should be compatible - this is the first time I’ve seen a 2TB in standard height.

While the Drobo doesn’t actually use RAID-5, the end result is the same - your largest disk is reserved for redundancy (or expansion if you have multiple drive sizes), and the remaining disks are usable space. So yes, with 2TB drives a Drobo Mini could get up to 6TB of portable redundant storage. Nifty!

Thanks for the reply, I’m waiting for the support to answer my request because I can’t go and buy more that 800$ of hardware if it does’nt work !

About your remark… well, this is because it seems to be the first 2."5 drive on the market (to my knowledge) to use a 3 platter technology with 667 GB / platter. WD is using 4 (500GB/platter), reason why it is 15mm in height.


I read on the Drobo forum somewhere that the firmware of the Drobo Mini is capped to 1To / drive max (so 4x1To max only would be possible) is that true ? I hope not, may be an unhappy customer…

If this model works I think Drobo should update their compatibility list for the MiniDrobo asap because lack of good capacity was the reason why I was waiting to buy this device (wich I follow for more that a year from now…)

A 6To portable NAS giving RAID 5 equivalent security in a such tiny device is a game changer.

Nevertheless, Drobo Mini is still a bit pricey when I see competition (Sinology DS414slim), reaching below the 300$ mark would be a good idea… but this is another debate :wink:

Drobo can be slow at updating that matrix (testing takes time), so you might just grab two drives with a good return policy and see how they fare (that assumes you already have the Mini!).

(and until they update it, you might see a “glitch in the matrix” :slight_smile: