Is my fan dying after just a few weeks?

I’ve got my Drobo only a few weeks ago and so far I’m quite impressed. However, there seems to be one problem: My fan is making a ticking sound every .5 (maybe less) seconds.
I know that the Drobo isn’t known for being quiet, but that ticking sound is really annoying and I don’t think it’s normal. Is there anything I could do?

yeah, contact support and get it swapped for a new drobo im afraid

Does it make the same ticking noise when there are no drives in the drobo?

Before you start pulling drives, shut Drobo down, then pull all the drives out. That’ll avoid unnecessary relayouts.

I know :wink:

Yes, it does.

Then please open a support case.

First of all: Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I posted a question via the “Contact Support” page. Do they contact me, or can I just call the German Support tomorrow?

You can contact German Support Tomorrow. Your case will be handled by them tomorrow unless you selected English Speaking when opening your case, it might come to the US queue first.

While packing up my Drobo, which will be picked up tomorrow, I noticed that I don’t have an address (or something) to actually send it to.
The woman I talked to simply said that it will be picked on thursday and that was basically it.

Question is: Is this normal? Does the parcel service know the shipping address or do I have to call support again tomorrow morning?

Btw. I’m in Germany.

Possibly a rather dumb question :smiley:

Not a dumb question… Here in the US, most times it’s up to the customer to ship an RMA back. However, I have had a few cases where the shipping agent came to me to accept the package.

Just make sure you get their credentials so you’re not giving your unit to some random person. :slight_smile:

It’s normal. The DHL guy will label the package when he picks it up :slight_smile: