is my droboshare really dead?

so yesterday, i did a standby shutdown of drobo and droboshare. i unplugged the power and replugged it to start both of them up. the reason why i did it is the following. i pulled a drive from a drobo fs and inserted into this drobo. the drive didn’t show up on dashboard. so i did this power cycle to try to force it to recognize. i later found out doing the DAS, that the drive had to be reformatted. after that, it was all good.


droboshare now fails to connect. the power light comes on, but the network activity light doesn’t flash. it does one blink when i plug in the power, but that’s it. i’ve performed the paperclip, 60 second reset. but no go. when i plug the droboshare into my mac’s NIC, the machine get’s a ip address via the dns server, presumably from the droboshare? if it’s fried, then why does my mac grab a ip address? oh, and dashboard doesn’t see the droboshare when i plug it in directly.

anyone experience the same problems? it should blink network activity regardless of a drobo or any other usb drive plugged in, correct? i contacted the network admin and he said that the mac address on the droboshare does not appear in the ethernet port when it’s plugged in. i think this is bad news, no?

I would suggest opening a support case, but I believe I already assisted you on the phone.
IF there is no activity light on the DroboShare, especially after trying different ports and a NIC on your computer, I would definitely say there is an issue with the DroboShare.

oh, forgot one more thing. if this is really dead, what other options are there? i want to stay away from droboshare.

i’m currently sharing the drobo over airport extreme disk share. but since the drobo was formatted using hfts, windows can’t seem to even connect to the drive. any thing out there that people have used successfully?

I have used this product, http://download.cnet.com/MacDrive/3000-2248_4-10313024.html, successfully to share an external HFS 1.5 Hard drive between a mac and a Windows Desktop.
It is an app for Windows, obviously, to read Mac formatted drives.
I believe you could trial it and see if it works for you.

thanks! i’ll give it a shot!