Is my drobo destroyed?

I have 2 drobo pros connected to my PC via USB.

As I was working, by mistake, I turned off the power on my extension cord to all my devices (PC and both drobo pros).

One of them was fine when I turned everything back on.

However one of them does not start up. It turns on, all the lights turn on and then after 10 seconds or so it turns completely off and does the same thing over and over again.

Has anyone had this experience before?

I put the discs into the working drobo pro but it doesn’t load them either and starts doing the same thing (turning off and turning on after 10 seconds.

that doesnt sound good - contact support

I did, they’re going to send replacements tomorrow. I really hope my data isn’t gone.

Turns out to have been a “reboot loop” that happened on both Drobo Pros. I got two replacements within 48 hours and everything is back up and working fine.

I was lucky to still be under warranty. If this happens again a year from now, after my warranty expires, I will be in a lot of trouble.[hr]