Is MacDrive Safe?

Had my HFS+ formatted Drobo connected to a Mac via Firewire 800. I no longer have that Mac so I’m trying to connect it to my Windows 7 laptop via USB. Anyone have any issues with MacDrive? Should I be concerned about using it?

At this point moving the data and reformatting really isn’t an option as I don’t have space anywhere else. Also I expect to get a new Mac in about 5 months and don’t want to bother with moving data again at that point.

Any other suggestions?


I use MacDrive. No problems. Works great. Aside from Drobo, I have multiple external HD, NTFS and HFS+.
When my Windows machine using XP and it read out the HFS+ drive perfect.
Desktop computer upgraded to Vista a year back, still no problems reading and writing to the HFS+ drive.
We mix an external HD with a video collection between my Windows and a MacBook. It works well.
I also make backups from the MacDrive to the Drobo, and back again. The backup is up to 750 GB and no problems.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to hear (read) that I’ll be able to continue to use my Drobo as is!