Is it safe to Update to Firmware 3.3.0?


For the past couple of months I’ve been prompted by Drobo Dashboard to update the Firmware of my Drobo 5N (3.1.1 [8.35.45]).

I’m always hesitant to update the firmware and I’ve seen some people having trouble after upgrading.

So I’m wondering is it safe to update to firmware 3.3.0?

Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:


p.s. at the moment I have my Drobo only partially backed-up (I know bad idea, but I don’t have that option right now) so I want to be extra careful!

Every firmware update instruction will advise to make a backup of your data.

I don’t have onough spare space to do that and so far I’ve updated my drobo units multiple times - haven’t had any major issues.
(Had NFS app problems, but they were resolved.)

I updated with no issues.

Both of my 5N’s updated with no issues.

Great! Thanks for the input, I just finished the update, everything seems to be working fine :slight_smile:

Make sure to upgrade Dashboard (to 2.7.0) if you want to be able to install the latest DroboApps we now support.



Upgraded to 3.3 this weekend and today we find our Mac fonts are corrupted and won’t load into Font Explorer (font utility for making them active to design applications). Changing from AFP to SMB has same issue. Copying fresh fonts to the 5N over SMB work fine. Fonts still have ‘size’ so they aren’t totally gone. Any ideas if we can repair? Thanks! - Roger

hi rodger, is there anything else that was updated besides the firmware recently too?
(im not sure how mac fonts work, though i would have thought a drobo firmware to only change itself internally?)

btw are your fonts actually stored as (data) on the drobo which was firmware updated?

I’ve been having various corruption issues on both my Drobo 5N’s since upgrading to 3.3.0. I can’t delete some files, so renamed them into a folder “cant delete” then restored the data from a backup. I thought I was done, but a few days later, chrono-sync is giving me errors again. I can’t believe both drobo’s have failed, or hard drives, so my conclusion is that there is something wrong with 3.3.0 on macs.

Oh, I can’t delete the files with terminal either, using SMB, or AFP.

hi, sometimes the filesystem can need some maintenance, such as chkdsk on windows or dusk utility/warrior on macs, which have seemed to fix random issues from time to time.

(it might jutst be coincidence with the update but have you tried rebooting both the mac and drobo since the update, if not, could you try that to see if it helps?)