Is it possible to stripe 2 Drobos?

I have two Drobo v2s connected to a Mac mini. I would like to know if it’s possible to stripe the two so that OS X sees them as a single drive. If possible, how should I do it? Thanks in advance.

w/ or w/o using a droboShare or any network appliances that I’m aware of, I don’t believe that’s possible under any known OS including MacOS, Linux or Windows.

Darn. That’s too bad…

Thanks for the response.

There are ways to set removable devices (like Drobo) to be seen as non-removable devices, and therefore stripe them. That said, it’s very risky and I really don’t recommend it.

I don’t know of any way to stripe network-shared storage (DroboShare).

If/when we get an eSATA Drobo, then it might be possible using a SATA RAID controller.

I guess it would be possible if you created a huge file on each Drobo that takes up the entire capacity and then map that to a device node and create a striped array within those files which you could mount using dmraid or similar. It’s not worth the effort though and like bhiga says it would be risky if one drive should suddenly become unplugged etc. Plus that kinda puts an end to any future capacity increases…

A while ago I tried to mirror my Drobo to another RAID array for backup purposes. I was using SoftRAID in that experiment. It did not succeed. SoftRAID could never reformat the Drobo. DRI’s stated that this problem must be solved by SoftRAID (the company that is). SoftRAID stated that reformatting should work.

In short, I did not succeed in using the Dobo as part of a RAID array.