Is it possible change Drobo 5N fan to silent one

As you know, drobo 5N is quite noisy. Especially when the same apps installed like Plex. I looking for possibleties to change orginal fan to most silent. Is it possible? And can you recommend a fan model?

hi, im not sure about the 5n, but there are quite a few posts about other drobo fan models and successful replacements,
if you have a search on the forum you might find some info in those threads which might help too :slight_smile:

Thinking laterally - the 5N is a NAS box so it doesn’t have to be physically attached to your computer. Thus it can go anywhere you have a network connection. Mine is thus tucked well out of the way where it can neither be seen nor heard (meaning fan noise is not an issue).

I replaced my FS fan back in the day, but the 5N fan is nearly as quiet as those replacement fans, even under load.

I have very small 2 rooms flat and Drobo 5N I can hear from every corner! :frowning:

I am new to the Drobo and mine is VERY Quiet. I do hear a fan but its very slight. I did reboot it the other day and man was it noisy. Then after about 10-20 minutes the sounds died down. Is something wrong and should it be louder all the time?

oh its ok, the fans in drobo are variable speed,
i’ve heard my gen1 or gen2 or drobo-s fans speed up noisily when hot or doing something, or be really quiet, (so quiet in fact that i sometimes have to put my hand near the back to make sure its working) :slight_smile:

as you get more and more used to the types of sounds that it makes, you’ll build up a picture of what is out of the ordinary.
(eg if all of a sudden, all the drives are making noise, and multiple lights are flashing and fans are full on, or its reboot looping, im sure you’d notice) :slight_smile:

Dunno if you are still interested but I managed to replace the fan. You have to fan with a low enough start voltage. Luckily I found a Noctua fan that works just great:


To fit the fan follow these instructions:


I know this is OLD but I have read up on the subject, and successfully replaced the fan in my Drobo Gen 4 (4-bay) with a 92mm Noctua NF-A9 FLX, and it cut the noise emissions by at least 60%. I’m about to do the same on my Drobo 5N2 with a Noctua 120mm FLX - I just have to wait 1 month for the warranty to run out, then I’ll do a YouTube video on it. Opening a Drobo is a bit tricky, depending on the model it can be quite tricky. Then you have to strip some wires, twist, join, insulate, ressemble… but it’s worth it. i can’t understand why Drobos don’t come with a decent silent fan!? It’s not like they’re expensive compared to the huge user experience benefits.