IS it ok to restart a Mac with Drobo connected ?

Hi Folks,

Quick question - I have my Drobo connected to a Mac Mini by FW. The Mac is currently on 24/7 and acts as a file server for my family (mostly media files). In order to avoid leaving the Mac on all the time I was going to set up a schedule of shutdown & start-up times for the Mac (in System Prefs).

Will this be ok with the Drobo still connected by FW ? I’m guessing that Drobo will detect the Mac shutting down & will itself go to sleep - is that the case, and will my data be safe enough ?


I shutdown my Windows 7 PC with the Drobo on firewire and all that happens is it automatically goes to sleep. When the PC reboots, Drobo powers back on and reconnects without issue.

If you can, I would probably figure out a way how to eject the Drobo off your Mac first, then shutdown the system. But in my case, its never been a problem.

I put my MacBook Pro to sleep and also shut it down with Drobo connected all the time, and Drobo just shuts off along with it. When I wake up or turn the MBP back on, Drobo wakes up too. Pretty seamless/easy, in my experience. I’m running Snow Leopard now but I was running Leopard before and the same thing was true then.

Great - thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ll set the Mini up to switch off in the middle of the night & power up again for the waking hours (it’s running Leopard 10.5.8).