Is it OK to copy from Drobo during relayout?

I’m quite annoyed at the moment. I received a replacement Drobo from DRI to replace mine due to a faulty fan (thanks to those who helped regarding that BTW).

I was extremely worried about swapping the disk pack to the new Drobo so copied files off the drobo that weren’t backed up, made sure both units had the current firmware powered down and swapped the pack over. Guess what, the replacement trashed one of my drives! Red flashing light disk 1.

Popped the pack back into the original Drobo and all disks report as OK, except Drobo has to relayout the data to fix the trashed disk of course. 24hours or more left of no protection. Great service!

I’m speaking with DRI in the US later today because I am NOT accepting a refurbished Drobo as a replacement again. I’m extremely annoyed that they sent me hardware that has compromised my data security. Clearly the refurb unit is faulty and DRI’s QC in the refurb dept. leaves a lot to be desired.

I would be very weary of accepting a refurb from DRI under warranty.

OK rant over, my question is is it safe to copy data from the drobo (which I can still access so it seems) during relayout? Or should I just leave it be until it completes.

its “safe” as in it wont harm it.

but it will increase the length of time it takes for your rebuild to complete - so by copying - you will be increasing the period when you are at risk from data loss due to a second disk failure.

OK thanks, I’ll leave it then. How accurate is the time remaining estimate in Dashboard? Its varied between 24 to 16hours (briefly), currently says 20 hours now.

it is fairly accurate - unless something starts accessing the drobo (like finder or windows search or you…) then it can easily be a factor of 2 out

accurate as long as you know the first value displayed when starting that process… you can ignore something like 1400 or 2000 hours that will be displayed somewhen in between.

actually ive always found the first value to be off - obviously since its a rolling average it will take an hour or so for it to get a feel for how long its going to take, the first few value can vary a lot - as it gets further into it, then it has better idea of how long it has taken to do the last x% , so it can estimate the remaining x % with greater accuracy

Gone up to 32hrs :-0 I was hoping it would be done by this time tomorrow… ah well.

fastest way to get it to complete : shut down the attached computer. unplug the data cable.

drobo will continue to rebuild until it finishes at which point it will shut down.

at least this way you know nothing else is accessing it and slowing it down.

maybe it would help if you could say how much data you have on your drobo?
and you could add your results in this topic http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=825

There’s definitely nothing accessing the drobo. But I’m too scared to touch it to be honest.

V2 Drobo has 2.24TB total space
1.19TB Used
1.04TB free

Yep, I’ll post the result when its done.

I don’t think you have to be so scared. If you have a power outage, for example, or just trip over the power cord, the drobo will continue the relayout process once it’s powered up again. That has happened to me two times, no problems.

A friend accidentally popped a drive while it was doing relayout, he just popped it back in, and the relayout continued as if nothing had happened.

My PSU have been bad, so I’ve been booting my drobo by popping two discs, plug it in, then reseat those disks once the first two disks was up and spinning. No problems whatsoever. (My PSU is now replaced and everything is working fine!)

My feeling is that the relayout is done in such a way that it is hard to cause harm to the data.

Actually Walle - i have also experienced a power outage with no noticable data loss (helps that 99% of my data is whacking great big media files and a little corruption in the middle would probably just be skipped right over).

HOWEVER DRI’s official line on the matter is that they USUALLY see data corruption if there is a power outage during a rebuild, so personally i woudlnt take any chances