Is DroboShare REALLY Incompatible w/ Drobo-S ?

I know DroboShare is officially compatible only with Drobo V1/V2 and NOT Drobo-S, but I was wondering if any new Drobo-S owner with a previous DroboShare did try to connect it to Drobo-S and see what happened ?
On the connection side they are clearly compatible; and sometimes, “not supported” does not mean the same thing as “not working at all”…

On the other hand, such an experiment may be a very quick way to pollute Drobo’s data, so don’t sue me if you try it and it ends badly… :wink:

I suspect it will work. There has not been a Droboshare firmware release since the Drobo S that I am aware of. So Drooboshare will probably see the DroboS and mount it… but WHY? WHY buy a high performance box and choke it off with the DroboShare? If its for dual drive reduncandy, consider this: you can buy 2 Drobos (one to back up the other) for less than the price of a Drobo S.