Is drobo suitable for my?

I’m thinking about ripping my DVD-Collection and storing it somewhere. Would a drobo be the best solution for this? I want a flexible and robust solution. But also energy efficient.

At first glance drobo seems like a good solutions. The PC that I would connect it to is a Windows 7 PC that I put into hibernate mode when it’s not used. Does drobo do something similar and enter a low-power mode when it’s not used? Also would I be able to use the drobo together with Windows Media Center? Since I want my dvd’s on the device can I use the drobo as a movie library in Media Center?

yes, its pretty much perfect for that

and yes it will go into standby when your pc goes into hibernate,and then wake up when your pc does

i used it for exactly that, and stored blu-ray rips on it too :smiley: