Is Drobo still in business?

I’ve been trying to get some help at Drobo for a few weeks. I’ve made 3 requests via the website and crickets. I am [was] in the process of procuring an 8D for a project but have run into an issue that only Drobo can help me solve. Anyone have any contacts at Drobo?? If I cant resolve this in the next day or two I am abandoning this initiative and going with another brand and product. COVID or not, leaving customers hanging is terrible.

I have been trying them too and 866-426-4280 is not in service and 402-361-5530 is busy. I did the firmware update on a 5N and it died. I started a ticket online and got an initial reply, but it didn’t help. Now they don’t reply.

I’m having the same problem. No response to at least two inquiries I’ve made by filling in the form on their web site. I was planning to upgrade to a new product but I keep reading in reddit that people are having trouble getting their orders filled and, again, no response from Drobo. Seems like Mihir Shah is beginning to believe his own reality about being so customer service oriented. The reality is that there isn’t any. Almost like there’s no one in the office, locally or remotely.

Drobo is still here and we are still in Business. We have updated the phones numbers for Support, we no longer have the 1-866 phone number. DroboCare customers have been emailed a separate phone number when they purchase DroboCare. For Standard Warranty customers, this number is posted on our site. We encourage you to first create a support case via the Support Portal so we may know have all the information upfront. We do respond to support requests if created through the online support portal.

Valerie - Please refer to Support Case ID# 200809 - 99306 that I created on August 10 and responded August 12. Everything went dark after that. When you read it over, you’ll see that I am inquiring about my interest in a new product. I currently have a Drobo 5D and am looking to upgrade. I am stunned that Drobo does not have a Sales contact to answer questions about some of it’s features. Most successful companies have this. This is Mihir Shah’s idea of maintaining customers? I created a second support case two days ago to follow up but it has disappeared. Your reference to DroboCare is a bit tone deaf. DroboCare could be purchased after a product is purchased. [The cost is a mystery until you buy a product. Seriously?]. I urge that a knowledgeable individual call me [oh my!!] to discuss all this. You just might make a sale.

We were able to find your support case, we can see you ultimately wanted to connect 5D to Ethernet, as the agent mentioned - this is not possible. Since you would have the Drobo 5N2, you could populate this with drives then copy from the 5D to the 5N2. We apologize for any delays in the support case.

If Drobo is still in business, does Drobo care about Drobo 5C customers that use macOS Catalina?

It has been nearly a year and the Drobo Dashboard still doesn’t find the device. And there are multiple other models that aren’t found, either.

Drobo has become complete crap. If they are still in business, considering their abysmal tech support, they won’t be in business long. My Drobo 5D3 is still under warranty. I’ve tried for the past two-months to get this “bricked” unit to reboot / connect. Tech support is completely useless (when you can get them to reply to your email) . . . about once every two or three weeks . . . always with the same worthless suggestions (Case ID# 200821-99747). Having given up on ever having this high-priced trotline weight fixed, I’ve started looking at more reputable companies. My suggestion - never squander your money on a Drobo. And, maybe a trip to small claims court in rural West Texas might alert the company to their flagrant fraud regarding their “warranty.” DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DROBO!

We do apologize, I see we are doing an RMA for you.