Is Drobo Still Around?

So… been trying to get a second Drobo 5C unit, but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Being that an existing unit of mine, if it gets damaged or fails on me, I would need a new unit to get the data off (without paying thousands of dollars from data recovery firms), I am getting concerned.

Is Drobo still making units? Still selling units? Any fear of them closing their doors? Where do we buy new units from?

Probably not for long anymore. In Europe there is not a single retailer selling their 5D3. - Let’s hope for their support to figure out this Big Sur problem (Drobos not working unter macOS11 Big Sur) due to thunderbolt issues.
My suggestion: buy something else, :frowning:

Hi Rosember. We seem to have the same opinion. I love my Drobo units but this has just been too much for me. The lack of communication and the “playing dumb” responses that we do get are ridiculous.

Edited to add that I hope it is “playing” dumb and not actually dumb.

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Yep, let’s hope they are only playing dumb - and that they still have enough interest in their company to invest the necessary resources to resolve this … problem. Fortunately, my USB connection to the Drobo accelerated quite a bit after I got rid of the USB Hub which I had to use at first. At least it is possible to copy data to and from the Drobo in reasonable times - which gives me a big relief.

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