Is 5N Compatible with MacOS Catalina?

Drobo info says Catalina is only compatible with 5N2 and does not mention 5N. Has anyone upgraded to Catalina and experienced problems with their Drobo 5N?

Answering my own question. I asked Drobo about this and their response was: “You should have no issues on Catalina with your Drobo 5N.” I have not upgraded yet. I usually wait for a couple bug releases. I am also waiting for more feedback from others in the MAC community on the overall experience before I upgrade.

I am on Catalina and a 5N, without upgrading Drobo Software, no issues.

There IS an issue with the 5D3 connected via Thunderbolt. You are advised to use USB-3 until Apple/Drobo find a fix.


I updated to Catalina, not knowing what to expect with this Drobo 5n. It seems to run smoother than High Sierra did, however I am noticing that there is an issue with the TimeMachine not wanting to backup to the established Share. It would act like it was going to back up and then just spit an error stating that it could not backup to TimeMachine.local ; the only work around I found was to create a different new share and set it as the backup. I will be curious to see if this is an issue moving forward, because initially the TimeMachine was working just fine.