Is 24+ hours in "data protection mode" normal?

Starting to get a little worried here. My Drobo have been flashing yellow and green lights at me for well over 24 hours now, I’m worried it’s gotten “stuck” somehow.

A bit more details: I was in the middle of moving some large folders around when the data protection mode kicked in and Windows explorer stopped responding, making the entire system unstable. I left it like that for several hours hoping it would start responding again, but no sign of life so I tried to log out, but again it failed to log out so after looking at the “Windows is logging off” screen for 2 hours I finally powered off the computer (Didn’t touch the Drobo, it’s been powered on the whole time).

After rebooting the computer my Drobo drive is not mounted in Windwos Explorer, I can NOT access any files on it, though I can see the amount of used and free space in the Drobo Dashboard, so hopefully it’s all still there.

Question is. Should it be taking this long? I have two 1 TB drives in it, using 785GB (It’s getting pretty full, I suspect that might be why it’s taking a while). Is there any way to get some kind of progress indicator? Is there a point at which you can safely try to reset it or something? I don’t want to take any risks, but I would like to get access to those files again soon…

did you only have two drives in it to start?

and then it spontaneously started flashing green and yellow?

if it is not being used then it should be able to do that in under 24 hours

follow the knowledge base instructions for if a drobo become stuck / unresponsive during a rebuild

Yes just the two drives, haven’t added or removed any disks. Though I’m planning to add another (or maybe two while I’m at it) since it’s running a bit low on free space these days.

It’s not being used (after the computer reboot anyway), since I can’t access it.

I’ll give it a little longer just in case, and then try the safe shutdown + remove all drives thing I guess. Thanks.

Guess it was stuck. Had to do the shut down, remove the disks etc. procedure. It was ok after that though. Thanks for the tip.

You should submit a diagnostic log to Drobo Support and detail what happened, the relay, getting “stuck”, etc. and what you did.

They may be able to provide some insight and also tell you if a marginal drive precipitated and/or exacerbated the problems you had.