irssi or other irc client

Has anyone tried getting irssi to work with the Drobo? I just got a Drobo-FS and have started cross compiling apps (got ncurses and screen working). I’d like to be able to use irssi or some other terminal based IRC client. irssi requires GLib which in turn requires zlib so I then cross compiled zlib. Now I’m getting a configure error for GLib that either gettext support is needed in the C library, or use the GNU gettext library. I then cross compiled GNU gettext but still get the error in configure for GLib.

irssi is the best.

You might want to wait, I am about to release fedora 13 for drobo.
We include irssi rpm’s … install by yum on the droboFS

Mind you, this is a chroot setup, not a rom.

Any update on your fedora release? Also is bitlbee available?

Im in the same situation… Should have checked here first… surely someone has a cross compile environment setup that has all the libraries already and can recompile irssi as a statically compiled executable.