iPhoto / Locked folders

I just copied my iPhoto database from my old NAS to my Drobo FS and it seems as if there is some sort of a permission problem. iPhoto thinks it doesn’t have write access. Even if I have it set so Everyone has write access.

In addition, over the course of the last several days, I’ve ran across several situations where Drobo thinks that a directory is in use and can’t be deleted, but no matter what I do, it never exits this state, even if all the files in the directory have been deleted. I’ve also rebooted the machines that I’ve been using the Drobo FS with, and even the Drobo FS itself, but the folders never are released so they can be deleted (even if there are no files left inside). The only way I’ve been able to release it is by removing the share and adding it back. Is this a known issue?

More information:

After my previous failure using Windows tools to copy the files, I removed the share, added it back, then just tried a simply copy/paste within Mac OS.

It appeared to copy the first of 4 top-level directories (though I don’t know if it was even completely done), then it errored out with the message "The operation can’t be completed because an item with the name “iPhoto2009” already exists.

Within Windows, I did a “Properties” of these 4 directories to get a file count. It shows 194066 files and 9501 folders. After I hit “ok” on the error message, I glimpsed that the copy bar was a bit over 1/2 way done, and see that the iPhoto2009 directory did get at least partially copied.

Tonight, I simply opened iPhoto and made a new Library on the Drobo-FS, then imported all the files from my old one. It took a while, but it seems to be working.

There is still something not right… After my import, I decided to try copying my library over… This time, I just made a new folder called iPhoto2009 and copied the iPhoto Library from my other NAS into this folder on the Drobo. After it had copied about 2 GB of data, it gave me the same kind of error as before: The operations can’t be completed because an item with the name “iPhoto Library” already exists…

Oh - One other potentially important piece of info - My NAS is shared to my Mac via AFP, not CIFS.

Please open a support case.