iPhoto Library on 5N, mSATA SSD

Hi there. I have a Drobo 5N, it currently stores my video files and iTunes library. I’m running 5x3TB Seagate drives, 73% full.

I would like to store my iPhoto Library file on there as well, it’s about 60GB. I started copying it from my Mac Mini system drive to the Drobo, but it says it will take 24 hours…so slow!

Would adding an mSATA SSD cache to the Drobo help? Anyone else here running iPhoto from their Drobo 5N? It’s thousands of small and medium files, so it would seem to be the perfect solution, I think?

And, 128GB should be plenty, correct? No point in going bigger?

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.

the cache will help reads only, writing will still be slow.

Ah, of course. Thanks Docchris.

Well, 60GB at a rate of 50MB/sec should take 20 minutes or so.
I know that sometimes the calculator takes a little while to accurately report.
What is a typical 5N write speed?

There’s a cost per file copied, so it’s not a simple MB/sec thing.

Yes, there is a different rate associated by file size, DVD files have better transfer rate than smaller files.
This iPhoto catalog is pictures mainly.
But, in this case, 60 GB taking 24 hours translates into a write speed averaging 1.4MB/sec.
I might expect that with the older models, but a 5N? I would guess something else is going on from what I have read in other threads regarding the 5N speed, even with smaller file size.

Just checking… Is everything from the Mac Mini to the 5N Gigabit Ethernet?

Yeah, I sense WiFi or a really slow hub/switch in there. No way the 5N should be running that slow. Heck, no way an FS would run that slow!

Hi all, thanks for the replies. Everything is indeed Gigabit wired to the router. I do get regular fast transfers (90MB/s or so) when copying video files to and from the 5N (and my other computers)…only when copying this iPhoto Library, it looked super slow.

However, it seems this may just be a case of lack of patience on my part…I had cancelled the transfer yesterday, but I’ve restarted copying the iPhoto Library to the 5N this morning, and although it went slow to start, it’s now ramped up and says about 45 minutes. That’s more like it! 60 to 80MB/s or so!

So yeah, just ignorance on my part. :frowning: Thanks for the replies.

hi guys ive seen this too, especialy on a floppy drive, or an old ide/usb drive (fat/fat32 i think)
if you have a 1mb file its fairly quick but if you have 20 small text files, there was a perceived overhead of about 1 second per file - usually accompanied by the familiar “scrunching” sound that a floppy drive makes, (or also with the dry maracas or cabasa spinning sound that and old disk makes) :smiley:

i remember when i first moved (copy/delete) a huge set of small graphic icons >1kb from an old usb hard drive, and the act of deleting each tiny file took almost an eternity - painstaking to watch as each icon was numbered in sequence, and it took a fair while to move 10 numbers lol :slight_smile:

also -
on the 1.4MB you mention above - i have seen about 1-2mb on my Drobo-S if i try to write large files to it, eg 300-400mb, since it is almost full and in the red…

so, maybe your huge library file (if a single file) has triggered the “slowdown” threshold, even if it hasnt finished copying because as far as i know, windows will reduce the amout of freespace on a drive, by the full size of the large file you are trying to copy, as soon as you press Paste - so that it has allocated the space for the file you are copying.[hr]
oh i just saw your reply - cool you got it sorted…
it might have also been due to an antivirus scan or maybe something else using resources at the time too

Thanks Paul. No anti-virus software here, but I closed iTunes in case it was doing things at the same time, since my iTunes in on the 5N as well.

You make a good point, I’ll keep an eye on capacity of my 5N…it’s 27% free now, might do well to free up some more space. Not sure when the Drobo slow-down mode kicks in.

ok cool - about 95%
(and yes, the remaining 5% can still be quite a lot of free space - especially as the drobo grows with larger drives over time) :)[hr]
heres a related link with more info too: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=106490
(i went a bit off-topic at the end though) :smiley:

Modern GUIs (ie, Windows and Mac OS) are deceptive when it comes to file copy/moves… Windows, for example, spends a bunch of time “analyzing” the operation, figuring out how much data will be manipulated, etc.

Command-line is by far the simplest and most predictable for benchmarking.