IP networking questions

Hi, its my first post so please be gentle!..lol
I am new to Drobo but believed I knew a bit about networking…
I have a client with a 5N and a 5N2 working in an all Mac environment.
Both are working fine…!
My client wants to add the shares to a MacBook pro so that they appear in “finder” when he is away from the business. Using a drobo app I believe he able to to this, but the software asks for an IP address.
When I went to the drobo dashboard no internal IP address had been assigned.
The 5n2 is bonded so I assign an ip address in the router range (its a BT business hub, this may be the issue!) and I get the same ip address with 2 different mac addresses. So far so good…
I go to enter the IP address in Safari and the 5N2 cannot be found nor can the older 5N which has always had an address.
They are both found in the dashboard and continue to work flawlessly…
The DHCP table in the router also clearly shows them and says they are connected.
Clearly I’m missing something obvious or lost the plot completely.
I expected to enter the local IP address and then be asked login credentials… I did try :5000 etc
The reason the client wants local style shares is because the external internet style access to the drobo doesn’t show thumbnails of tiff pics so makes it difficult to find the correct picture from the file name alone…

Is there a better way to achieve what is needed or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Many thanks for any help

This could be helpful to you


Hi, thanks for responding, sadly I don’t have that issue, the drobo’s work fine and are all available to see on the dashboard. I just can’t reach them by IP…