iOS Has Paused Drobopix UpLoad Error

Drobopix worked like a champ for years. Still works on my wifes iphone. Mine won’t work even after start and stop the app, reinstallation on phone, etc. Thoughts?

I had something similar happen, though on my Android phone. If I remember correctly, what fixed it for me was deleting the phone from the DroboPix interface and adding it back via the QR code.

I hope that helps!



Great suggestion but did not work.

What is the error you are on your iPhone app?

Can you try this test?

Reproduce the issue on your phone. Then, log into the DroboPix app from your Dashboard or browser (should be at :8080/DroboPix) and click on “log files” at the bottom of the screen. Check the logs for any errors. This might give some hints as to what is going wrong or if your phone is even reaching the Drobo.



Still not working. I’ve removed the app from my phone and reinstalled. Removed the phone from the App and recreated it. Enabled background refresh. The events state that the app started and stopped and that was it.

I think I’m done. I bought this in 2013 and it served its purpose. We now have Cloud based storage so I think I will let this dinosaur go to rest.

Thanks for the support!

Take care,